First-aid care goes beyond bandages, ice-packs, and hydration.  Unfortunately many organizations do not coordinate first-aid programs with their occupational health providers.  As a result, many work-related incidents end up on their OSHA 300 logs unnecessarily, and safety managers are asked to provide care for musculoskeletal conditions they may be completely unfamiliar with.  While it is true that OSHA limits what care can be provided as part of a first-aid program, it does not limit who can provide this care.  When a licensed healthcare provider with an extensive background in musculoskeletal conditions and workplace ergonomics is part of your organizations first-aid program, you've just significantly leveraged your ability to prevent workplace injuries.  When an employee’s condition resolves with first-aid care, the injury is not subject to OSHA record keeping standards, and does not become a recordable injury.

Worksite Health & Wellness provides first-aid care onsite, or virtually so that employees can receive attention as quickly and conveniently as possible.  This also allows us to communicate directly with managers, and safety professionals in the workplace.  If conditions are serious and warrant medical care, we can work directly with your established occupational health provider, workers compensation carrier, and management to minimize lost-time, and to accelerate an employee’s recovery.

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