In injury management, there is a direct correlation between the cost of an injury and the time it takes for an individual to receive care.  If an employee sustains a fracture at work, it doesn't take an advanced medical degree to recognize the problem and get the employee to the appropriate healthcare provider.

Fortunately, fractures at work aren't a regular occurrence in most workplaces, however many of the injuries that plague organizations OSHA 300 logs, and workers compensation data, are not as easy to identify.  Even the employees that sustain the injuries are unsure "how bad" is "bad enough" to report.

Worksite Health & Wellness aims to do more than just pick up the pieces after an injury occurs - our mission is to prevent workplace injuries.  That means our model of providing care starts long before the injuries have occurred.  We enjoy working hand-in-hand with HR, safety, and administrative professionals to identify areas of concern before we even start providing care.

We provide onsite care for work-related and non-work-related problems before they become OSHA recordable incidents, and real injuries occur.  We also provide onsite, and remote education to employees and managers to promote safe workplace practices and to help them identify early signs of musculoskeletal concerns.  Because we are not onsite 24/7, we also provide remote telehealth services that allow your employees to schedule consultations quickly and easily.

Best of all, we communicate all of the appropriate information back to you as quickly as possible.  The days of limited communication from your occupational health providers are over when your organization partners with Worksite Health & Wellness.

For more information on the specific types of care we provide onsite and remotely, please contact us directly or see our pages on:
First Aid Care
Personal Preventative Care