This service provides a significant safety net for employers, as personal conditions are identified and treated well before they become work-related.  If you've ever had issues with shoulder, knee, hip, neck and back problems in your workplace then you'll understand the value in preventing these issues from surfacing as a result of something that happens at work.  Providing personal preventative care to your employees also provides the additional benefits of:

  • keeping employees onsite instead of having them leave work for medical appointments
  • improved employee morale by providing proactive solutions to their musculoskeletal problems
  • improved employee performance as painful conditions are removed as distractions and barriers to work, and
  • documenting personal problems should a workers-compensation case be filed at a future date


Personal preventative care is provided onsite, at one of our clinical locations, virtually, and one-on-one environment with a licensed physical therapist.  No prescription is necessary to consult with a physical therapist, so the therapist is allowed to treat without the hassle and wait time associated with scheduled medical visits.

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